Somatic Disorder

How To Deal With Somatic Disorder

Somatic disorder (and associated diseases) is a generic name for a group of disorders in which physical pain and symptoms felt by a person are due to psychological factors. According to experts, about 7% of the inhabitants of our planet suffer from somatic disorders. As a rule, women are exposed to them more often than men. In addition, this disorder is more common in people with a negative Outlook, in a state of prolonged stress or in those who have already been treated for this disease.

Causes of Somatic Disorder

Although many people do not know this, there is a link between mental and somatic disorder. In most cases, mental disorders or diseases of the central nervous system cause somatic diseases that negatively affect the internal organs. For example, persistent stress or illness can cause stomach upset or peptic ulcer. Fears and depression can disrupt the normal functioning of the cardiovascular system, which, in turn, can lead to heart diseases. All of this is interconnected, and one problem can cause another, so you should take care of your health and regularly undergo medical examinations.

What are the Somatic Symptom Disorder?

Symptoms of somatic disorders are manifested in different ways. Someone has pain in a certain area, someone is experiencing General fatigue or anxiety. But people suffering from this disease are United by one thing: concern for their health. Physical pain, for example, after surgery can be caused by somatic disorders. But few people know about it. Therefore, the patient begins to look for another reason, taking various drugs, thereby harming their health!

The symptoms of somatic disorders are follows:

  • cardiovascular disorders;
  • breathing problems;
  • specific genetic disorders;
  • organic brain diseases;
  • endocrine diseases;
  • liver / kidney disease;
  • sleep disturbance;
  • digestive disorders.

It is obvious that all these disorders are well known, and people usually know their cause. However, as we mentioned earlier, these disorders are often caused by mental diseases. Of course, these disorders require treatment, but first of all it is necessary to determine the cause of somatic disorders in order to prevent a possible relapse. And for this you need to undergo a preventive course of treatment.

Xanax and Somatic Disorder

patientsXanax is intended for the treatment of somatic disorders of a psychogenic nature. This drug is approved by the FDA. It relieves muscle tension and has a sedative effect. Many clinical trials and treatment results have proven that Xanax is an effective and safe medicine. It is very good at dealing with diseases of the nervous system. That is why doctors prescribe it to their patients to prevent somatic disorders. Moreover, Xanax can change the course of somatic disorder, relax muscles and reduce stress (which has a beneficial effect on the body). Using Xanax provides positive results. Its use for the treatment of somatic diseases is one of the main advantages of modern medicine.