The Correct Dosage for the Treatment of Xanax

Alpazolam is a trademark of Xanax, a prescription drug used to treat anxiety and panic disorders. The Xanax dosage prescribed will vary from patient to patient, depending on the state of health and the age. In general, Alprazolam dosage is determined by a medical professional after assessment of the patient and other related factors (eg, substance abuse, especially alcohol). If the patient qualifies for a Xanax dose, the doctor fills in the prescription. How often can you take Xanax? It can be taken up to three times a day for a specific time.

Xanax Dose

What is a Normal Dose of Xanax?

This medicine is potentially addictive and we recommend you use it only in a short-term treatment regimen. There is a risk of withdrawing after interruption because tolerability may develop after taking in a relatively short period of time. It is important to avoid self-treatment and consult a doctor.

Most health professionals recommend men and women suffering from anxiety disorders to begin with a dose of 0.25 or 0.5 mg three times a day. Depending on how effective this Xanax dose is, the dosage can be increased after 3 or 4 days (it must be several days before the dose is increased to reduce the likelihood of tolerance and dependence).

However, the dose of Xanax prescribed by a doctor is strictly dependent on the case and completely depends on the patient’s nature. Several factors, such as patient age, past medical history, medicine he consumes. These play an important role in this. Since the side effects of this medication can even be fatal to his life, it is very important that the patient follows the instructions of the doctor.

Change Dosage as Prescribed By a Doctor

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Prescribing Xanax, doctors usually start with the lowest possible dose, periodically reducing the frequency of administration, for example, when stopping a fear attack.

The patient must know the potential lethal nature of this medication. Your body should be given some time to get used to this medicine. The maximum dosage for adults at any time should not exceed 4 mg, which will be totally influenced by the doctor.

If a doctor advises reducing the dosage, he must ensure that this is done slowly. If you suddenly stop taking medication you may cause withdrawal symptoms.

Xanax usually takes effect after a few hours or several days after the start of treatment. A dose of Xanax will affect people over several hours.

Keep a Dosage Diary

Dose reduction programs are based on the duration of treatment with Xanax (Alprazolam) and its dose. Please watch the dosage reduction when you buy Xanax online and write when and how much drug have you taken.

Write down when there are good days and bad days, please change the dose accordingly.

Remember that you will have to change medication receipt and dosage a bit later.

You can keep a diary like this:

  1. December 25, 2018
  2. 12 hours.
  3. Current dose: 2 mg.
  4. Dose reduction: 0.2 mg.
  5. Total dose reduction: 1.88 mg.

If you take medicine more than once a day, please take a few notes. Please describe withdrawal symptoms and serious changes in your mood.

Please consult a doctor at any time. When losing weight, you should see a doctor every 1-4 weeks. The prescription frequency depends on the dose reduction schedule. Please consult your doctor about your problem or difficulty.

Dosing in Special Cases. Xanax Dosage by Age

The use of Xanax is contraindicated in persons younger than 18 years.

The average dose of Xanax can be determined by age. In elderly patients, patients with progressive liver disease, or patients with debilitating disease, the usual starting dose is 0.25 mg, taken 2 or 3 times a day. This can be gradually increased, even though it is permitted if necessary. The maximum measurement depends on the state which varies from 4 mg / day to 10 mg / day. Geriatrics may take 0.25mg administered 2-3 times daily. Debilitated patients receive the same dosage as elderly patients.

Xanax for Panic Attacks Dosage

It was noted that people with panic attacks, doctors prescribe a higher dosage of Xanax than those who have anxiety disorders. Since this is a very dangerous task, most doctors prefer to start with small doses. If they see significant changes in the patient, and if they find it satisfactory, they will gradually increase the dose.

Immediate release tablets: in order to successfully treat many patients with panic disorder, a dose of 4 mg or more per day may be required. Treatment can be started at a dose of 0.5 mg three times a day. Depending on the response, the dose can be increased with an interval at the time of admission, from 3 to 4 days. Titration may be delayed. Alprazolam can be prescribed 3 to 4 times a day to reduce the possibility of symptoms between doses.

Elderly patients, both with anxiety attacks and panic disorders, are usually prescribed the same dose amount – 0.25 mg, taken orally 2-3 times a day. Generally, in both cases titration is necessary to achieve the correct dosage of Alprazolam.

Extended release tablet recommended total daily intake is 3-6 mg / day.

What is a Lethal Dose of Xanax

The lethal dose of Xanax depends on the amount ingested and the influence of other drugs. Xanax and substances (eg in combination with alcohol) can result in respiratory arrest and death. Doses that may lead to overdose vary from person to person. However, ingesting a recommended amount of more than 10 mg per day is considered Xanax overdose and can cause excessive symptoms.

If you think you have taken too much Xanax (Alprazolam), immediately consult an emergency doctor. Overdose symptoms include maladjustment, confusion, drowsiness, slowed reaction time, and the possibility of coma.