tremorConstant stress, irritation or emotional outburst can cause tremor. Your head or hands can start shivering. This common and frequent reaction quickly goes away when you cool down. Tremor can’t be regarded as a disorder. However, a serious form of tremor must be treated.

Tremor, also called Parkinson’s disease, is a continuous shivering that covers any part of the body. Usually, this condition affects the motor system. The tremor can appear in anybody for different reasons. People suffer from tremor because of stress, mental trauma or lack of dopamine.

Usually, this disorder affects older persons. Senile tremor is a very common disorder. Usually, this disease affects people over the age of 75. However, it may develop in young people as well. Senile tremor is almost impossible to treat. Thus, the modern medicine isn’t able to overcome this disorder. There is no cure for the Parkinson’s disease yet. But in most instances, a person must cool down, because tremor in hands or head goes away. As soon as the reason of diseases is determined, it becomes easier to normalize the patient’s condition.

Of course, the drugs don’t provide full guarantee and can’t bring the necessary results, but the use of this drug allows the person to reduce shivering and regain his/her self-confidence. Actually, patients with senile tremor can’t feel self-confident, as they note changes in their body and look. People suffering from this disease may suffer from depression and withdraw into themselves. To defeat this disorder, you should take certain that give a chance of recuperation.


Xanax is intended for the treatment of senile tremor, as it has a significant effect on the brain. Xanax is a mild sedative. This drug helps the patient to relax, lifts the mood, reduces the stress, etc. Xanax is very effective against senile tremor. Of course, it can’t provide 100 % result, but all problems caused by senile tremor go away after the use of Xanax. You will stop feeling inferiority, shivering will be reduced, and your emotional condition will improve. Xanax is one of best drugs for the treatment of tremor, and it’s worth trying.