Xanax and PregnancyAnxiety and agitation, stress, anger, sleeping problems and somatic disorders – all of these widespread problems should be treated with Xanax. However, before starting the treatment, you should consult your physician, particularly if you’re pregnant or lactating.

How to take Xanax during pregnancy?

In this period, Xanax must be used only in exceptional circumstances. Scientists claim that this drug has toxic effects on the fetus and enhances the risk of congenital defects when utilized in the first three months of pregnancy. Therapeutic doses in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy can lead to the neonatal central nervous system depression.

The continuous use of this drug during pregnancy can lead to the physical addiction and the development of neonatal abstinence syndrome. Kids are especially sensitive to the CNS benzodiazepines depressing action. Xanax use just before or during childbirth may lead to the respiratory failure in the newborn, low muscle tone, decreased blood pressure, drop in body temperature and a floppy baby syndrome. The breastfeeding women should stop lactating during the treatment with Xanax.

Consult your physician before starting the treatment.